Our Picks for the Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps

By | May 21, 2019

Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps
Mini split condensate pumps are necessary anytime water cant be gravity fed out of a home.

There are many types of pumps from units that sit off to the side, to units that fit into the line-set.

Voltage can also be different so be sure to check your mini split manual or get a 115-volt unit that can plug into a wall outlet.
Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps Wireing
Most pumps are wired into the 115/220 voltage lines that run the inside wall unit.

Of course, be sure to read the manual or call a professional if needed.

Why Do Mini Split Systems Have Condensate?
All HVAC systems including mini split kits can have condensation depending on the humidity in the air.

Condensation forms when warm humid air comes in contact with a cold surface such as an air conditioning system.

If there is not any humidity in the air no condensate will form and no water will drip out.

If the air is humid water will form on the evaporator and need to drip out of the unit.

Cold or dry climates will naturally have little to no humidity while hot wet climates will have a lot of humidity.

Even dry climates can have rainy days when humidity levels rise and water will drip out of a unit.

Why Do Mini Split Systems Need Condensate Pumps?
The majority of mini split systems can gravity feed any condensate water out of the unit.

The exception to this is when the unit is located below ground level and needs a water pump to get rid of the condensate.

This allows for the water to be pumped up and not drain into a home or other unwanted area.

How Do Mini Split Condensate Pumps Work?
A basic pump will have a reservoir the water can drip into.

Once a set point is reached in the reservoir the pump will turn on and pump the water out.

There is variations in the look, voltage, wiring and so on with the basic function to pump out any water formed by the condensation.

Below is some of our favorite picks for mini split water pumps.

As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

*This post contains affiliate links which at no cost to you allows us to earn a commission on product purchases.

Our Picks for the Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps

  1. Rectorseal Aspen Mini Lime
  2. Rectorseal 021449838498 Aspen Mini Lime 100-250V Condensate Pump with Slimline Cover

    Aspen makes many good units including the Mini Lime condensate pump which is a popular unit that works very well getting rid of water.
    Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps Aspen Mini Lime All
    It is built to fit into a line-set cover with the main pump designed to fit into a 90-degree elbow.

    The pump itself has a small reservoir that the condensation drips into and once it becomes full the pump turns on and pumps out the water.
    Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps Aspen Mini Lime
    It is a good system used by many to help get rid of water that drips from a mini split.

  3. Rectorseal 83939 Aspen Mini
  4. Rectorseal 83939 Aspen Mini 100-250V Condensate Pump, White

    Aspen also makes this Mini version that sits below a mini split inside wall unit.
    Best Mini Split Condensate Pumps Aspen Mini White Cover
    A nice cover hides the pump once it is installed.

    The water is pumped up through a line that is fed in through an existing line-set.

    This style is good for those who already have a line-set in place and want a quick install.

    The hardest part would be running the drain line through the line-set outside without kinking it.

  5. FUJIWARA Condensate Pump PC-320A
  6. Condensate Pump PC-320A form FUJIWARA, Condensation Removal Automatic Pump for HVAC, Dehumidifier, Furnance, Ice Maker and Replace Little Giants Pumps (FUJ-40L)

    FUJIWARA makes this good simple pump that works well in many scenarios.

    The unit is mounted on a wall below the mini split so water can drip into its reservoir.

    The condensation line is fed into the unit and slowly fills up the reservoir.

    Once it fills up the water is pumped outside through another water line.

    This type of unit is mainly set up to work without the existing mini split wiring or lines.

    A nice thing about FUJIWARA pumps is that they are quieter than many other units.

  7. Little Giant Condensate Pump
  8. Condensate Pump, Mini Split, 19W, 115V.24A

    This small unit from Little Giant is a 115 volt 24 Amp pump.

    It is a straight forward design that works good ins many scenarios a small water pump is needed.

There are many different types of mini split condensate pumps all with different styles.

Many will fit directly into a line-set cover which holds everything packed into one location.

Other units are separate and sit off to the side and are good for retrofit jobs.

Be sure to know the voltage you will be using. While most units will use 115 volts it is best to know for sure before buying a pump.

Another thing to keep in mind is the water lines need to be run with no kinks so the water is not blocked.

How quiet a pump is can also matter since some are noisier compared to others.



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