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HVAC multi meters

Heating and cooling known as HVAC requires specific multi meters to get the job done. HVAC multimeters are built with true RMS and could read a wide range of voltages.

Another feature of air-conditioning repair and multimeters is taking amp load measurements. Reading the amp load of the motor such as a condensing fan motor can only be done with a HVAC multimeter.

This category is for information about multimeters and the heating cooling HVAC industry.

Top HVAC Multimeter and Clamp meter Combo Kits

Having the right tools in HVAC is a basic requirement to troubleshoot heating and cooling units when they break down.A HVAC multimeter is one of those tools that are needed.   The heating cooling industry deals with a wide variety of voltages and Amps that need exact readings to troubleshoot the problem correctly.   A… Read More »