Where is the Goodman Furnace Air Filter Location

By | September 5, 2023

Where is a Goodman Furnace Air Filter Location
Goodman furnaces are good units that last many years with basic maintenance such as replacing the air filter.

The filter should be replaced when it gets dirty to allow air to pass through the unit and into a home.

If the filter becomes clogged with debris and no air can pass, it can cause an issue with the furnace.

NOTE: There is no set location for the filter it will depend on how the unit was installed.

Where a Goodman Furnace Air Filter Located?
Where is the Goodman Furnace Air Filter Location Example
The most common location of the filter is at the bottom of the Goodman furnace near the air handler.

The location can vary and depend on how the installers set up the system.

Air is usually pulled into the unit at the bottom and pushed out the top.

The location the air is pulled into the unit will be where the filter is located.

The door located at the bottom of the unit will often have the filter inside.
Where is a Goodman Furnace Air Filter Location 2

The filter may also be off the side of the bottom of the furnace.
Where is a Goodman Furnace Air Filter Location Side

If the furnace sits on top of an air handler box, the filter may be at the very bottom of the unit.
Where is a Goodman Furnace Air Filter Location 3
There are some scenarios when the filter is located at a different location.

If the furnace is located in a tight space, sometimes the installers will relocate the filter to an easier to access location.

While some homes may have a custom installation with the filter located in a different spot, most all filters are located a the bottom of the unit.

How Often Should a Goodman Furnace Filter Be Replaced?

Most filters are replaced every 1-2 months, depending on the climate.

For example, a home located in a desert area will need to replace the filter more often since there is more dust in the air.

The filter can be examined to see how dirty it is and if it needs to be replaced.

It is usually best to replace the filter once a month for the best air quality and furnace maintenance.

How to Buy a New Goodman Furnace Filter?

How to Buy a New Goodman Furnace Filter
Furnace filters can be bought at local hardware stores such as Home Depot or True Value or online on Amazon or eBay.

A filter is bought by the measurement of length and width and will usually be labeled.

For example, if a filter is labeled 16×25, a replacement will have the same measurements and be labeled the same.

There are low-cost filter replacements that keep out large air particles and higher-cost filters that filter the air better.

Both low-cost and high-cost filters will work in a Goodman furnace and will depend on the homeowner which is best to buy.

How To Replace a Goodman Furnace Filter

  1. Turn off the furnace at the thermostat.
  2. Locate and open the filter door if there is one.
  3. Remove the old filter.
  4. Insert the new filter with the arrow point inward.
  5. Close the furnace door.
  6. Turn back on the furnace at the thermostat and test the unit.

What Happens If a Dirty Air Filter is Not Replaced?

A dirty air filter can block the air flowing into a furnace, causing it to overheat and shut down.

A furnace needs airflow going pat the burners located in the heat exchanger; otherwise, it will become too hot and shut down.

When a furnace becomes too hot, the high limit switch will shut it down, so no damage occurs.

The air quality inside a home also becomes less clean as the filter removes small air particles.

Can a Furnace Operate Without an Air Filter?

While a furnace will operate without a filter, the inside components will become closed with debris, and it will eventually stop working.

When the furnace becomes clogged with dirt, grime, and debris, it becomes an expensive fix compared to using a low-cost filter.

For this reason, it is not good to operate a furnace without a filter.

Replacing the filter on a Goodman furnace is usually quick and easy to do.

The filter is usually located at the bottom of the unit behind the small door or off to the side.

Often the furnace works with the AC system in the summer to help cool and heat in the winter.

Replacing the filter should be done regularly for both furnace maintenance and indoor air quality.

Have you had any issues with an air filter on your Goodman furnace? Let us know in the comments below.

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