Wall Mounted Evaporative Air Conditioner

By | April 8, 2015

Wall Mounted Evaporative Air Conditioner

Wall mounted swamp coolers also called side draft systems are units that blow air in through a wall or sometimes a window.
Evaporative coolers work the same as other swamp coolers only the way the fan is allowed to blow has changed to blow from the side.
Here is an example of a side mount / wall mounted swamp cooler on Amazon.
Champion Cooler Wc50 5000-Cfm Window Evaporative Cooler Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

Most swamp coolers are downdraft coolers that sit on a roof and blow air downward.
Here is an example of a downdraft cooler swamp cooler on Amazon.
Champion Cooler 6600Cfm Downduct Cooler N56/66D Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

Installing a side mount evaporative cooler is no different than installing a downdraft evaporative cooler.
The only difference is where the hole is cut to allow air to push into a home or garage.
Here is a example of a side draft evaporative cooler installed in a garage.
Wall mounted swamp cooler also called side mount evaporative cooler
Wall-mounted evaporative coolers will need something to sit on and often have a custom built stand framed or hanging brackets to hold it in place.
Water and electricity are still run to the unit as they would any other unit.
Using a side mount units instead of a downdraft unit is really more of a design option than anything else.
Side mounts may be easier to work on since you do not need to crawl on a the roof but they may add to less space in a yard.
What is a swamp cooler?
Swamp coolers also called evaporative coolers work very well were weather is dry and there is low humidity.
They also much cheaper to run the conventional refrigerant-based air-conditioning systems.
For these reasons they are very popular in the Southwest United States. Places such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and surrounding areas use swamp coolers on a regular basis.
Many times homes will have both the conventional air-conditioning system and a swamp cooler. The reasoning for this is that not only is it cheaper to run but it also sweeps a home of bad air inside with fresh air from the outside.
Evaporative coolers don’t work if it’s raining outside are extremely humid so conventional air-conditioning systems are often in place to take over when this happens.

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