How to Pass the EPA 608 Certification Exam Test

By | January 28, 2020

How to Pass the EPA 608 Certification Exam Test 2020
If you are worried about how hard the EPA 608 exam is and passing it, don’t.

Passing the EPA 608 exam is not hard especially if you can memorize things easily. Not to say it is a cake-walk but many people stress about it more then they need to.

What Is the EPA 608 Exam?
The EPA 608 exam is for HVAC technicians to understand the refrigerant recovery, disposable, storage, fines and so on.

An HVAC technician is required by law to have EPA 608 certification to work on heating and cooling systems with refrigerants.

There are four types of EPA 608 certification Type 1, Type II, Type III and Universal.

  • Type I Certification —Can only work on Small Appliance (5lbs or less of refrigerant)
  • Type II Certification — Can only work on Medium, High and Very-High Pressure Appliances.
  • Type III Certification —Can only work on Low-Pressure Appliances.
  • Universal Certification — Has passed all three type 1,2,3 exams and core .

What Is On the EPA 608 Exam?
The main purpose of the EPA 608 is to require technicians to handle refrigerants properly.

HVAC refrigerants can be harmful to the environment with many laws written on how to safely recovery, disposable, and store them.
How to Pass the EPA 608 Certification Exam Test 2020 4
Most of the question on the exam will be about these laws that must be followed or big fines can be imposed.

Example Test Question
After 1995, any supplies of CFC refrigerant to service existing units in the USA can only come from:
A) Recovery and recycling
B) Solvent conversion
C) European chemical manufacturers
D) Third World chemical manufacturers
Answer: A

How To Take the EPA 608 Exam?
To take the test first you will need to find a test location. Calling around to local HVAC supply stores or the community colleges will point you in the right direction for local test locations.

For example, when I took my EPA 608 test it was given at a local HVAC supply store. They set an appointment for me to come in when a certified person could give me the test.

Depending on the testing location and study material bought it will cost roughly between $50 and $200.

Each test location is different, they apply to be able to give the test, then are sent the exams which are mailed back to the EPA company that certified them as EPA 608 exam test locations.
Can the EPA Exam Be Taken Online?
The short answer is yes for Type 1, but no for Type II and Type III.

Basically, unless you are only going to work on very small appliances (5lbs or less of refrigerant) the test will need to be monitored.

This gets asked a lot for a full answer read this post.


How to Study for the EPA 608 Exam
The questions that will be on the test are also in the practice questions for the test.

The key is to memorize the questions from the company that you will be taking the test with.
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The questions come from a pool of around 350 questions with 25 of those questions randomly selected for each test.

There are two main companies that give the test, Esco, and Mainstream Engineering. Call your local HVAC distributor and find out which company they use such as Mainstream Engineering then study their book and questions.

There are also many books to study for the test along with YouTube videos and other online resources.

Books on Amazon that Have Practice Questions
Section 608 Certification Exam Preparatory Manual 9th Edition (EPA Section 608 Exam)

Step by Step passing the EPA 608 certification exam

Here are some free online practice questions and videos with some practice questions. EPA 608 exam practice questions and answer videos

There is a pool of questions so while only 25 per a test… Core, Type I, Type II, Type III for a total of 100 questions. There is a pool of 350 questions they can pull from.

So if you want to pass the test simply memorize all the questions for the specific testing company and you will pass with flying colors.

The EPA 608 exam is very important to an HVAC technician to be able to work on systems with refrigerant.

The test will have many questions about the laws you need to know to handle refrigerants.

This includes recovery, disposable, storage, fines and so on.

If you are getting ready to take the test do not stress about passing it as studying and memorizing the laws surrounding HVAC will make it easy to pass.

There is a lot of laws to remember which often takes multiple times to read the material and practice questions.

How hard the exam is will all depend on how well you can memorize the material.

Personally, I studied the practice questions for two weeks before taking the test.



12 thoughts on “How to Pass the EPA 608 Certification Exam Test

  1. Noon

    Treat your epa 608 manual as a bible it will give you everything you need to know.

  2. Ernie Martinez

    Hi, my name is Ernie I need to take type 2 only I have the core and tpye1, type III.
    how can get my type 2 can I take the test online?

  3. Dan Sullivan

    I’m trying to get Type 2 and Type 3 i already passed the type 1 and have that license.

  4. Maurice Cooper

    Two weeks from now I take my EPA 608 exam and I have read through the manual along with books and videos.

  5. Ernest Marleau

    I’m trying to get Type 2 and Type 3…
    I already have type 1…


    Can some tell me what is the process of how to obtain EPA Universal certification please? I really don’t know where to start. Thank you.


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