How To Fix a P6 Mini Split Error Code

By | March 7, 2024

How To Fix a P6 Mini Split Error Code
A P6 code on a mini split will vary between manufacturers and model numbers, so be sure to look at the manual for the unit to know the exact definition.

For example, a P6 code on a Cooper and Hunter mini split is an “Inverter Module (IPM) Protection Error”.

When the voltage signal Inverter Module (IPM) Protection sends the compressor drive chip is abnormal, the display LED will show P6.

Mini Split P6 Error Codes By Manufacture

  • Carrier P6 Error: Low pressure protection.
  • Pioneer P6 Error: Low pressure protection.
  • Cooper-Hunter P6 Error: Inverter Module (IPM) Protection Error.

Possible Causes of P6 Mini Split Error Code

  • Low Refrigerant
  • Wiring Problem
  • Faulty IPM Board
  • Faulty Outdoor Fan Assembly
  • Compressor Malfunction
  • Faulty Outdoor PCB Board

A P6 may be caused by a low refrigerant, wiring mistake, faulty IPM board, faulty outdoor fan, assembly compressor malfunction, and faulty outdoor PCB.

How To Clear a P6 Mini Split Error Code

  1. Power off the unit and turn off the breaker or disconnect.
  2. Wait 2-3 minutes and power the unit back on.

Troubleshooting a P6 Mini Split Error Code

  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check wiring
  • Check the power supply voltages
  • Check voltage at outside terminals
  • Check outside fan and ventilation
  • Check the IPM Board
  • Check outdoor Main PCB
  • Check Compressor

The refrigerant level should be checked as a P6 error code often indicates low refrigerant often caused by a leak.

The communication line between the inside and outdoor unit is a common failure point.

The wires can be checked for continuity and the connections checked to see if they are making good contact.

If you have a mini split with a P6 error code, there can be several causes.

Checking the refrigerant levels should be done as a P6 error on many mini split systems point to a low charge,

Check all the voltages going to the unit, both outside and inside the unit.

Also, check the communication line going between the inside and outside units, as that is a common failure.

The outside condensing fan motor should be running, or there may be an issue with the fan motor.

Check the refrigerant level is correct and that there are no leaks.

Have you had a mini split with a P6 error code? Let us know your thoughts below.

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8 thoughts on “How To Fix a P6 Mini Split Error Code

  1. Michael Ganovski

    my P6 problem is not an A/C problem, but heat. Heat comes on but does not hold, it is intermittent.

    it seems to work fine for the day, then at night,it does not run. Is it or could it be on a timer, from the remote, by any chance?

    1. Rooster

      Seems to me a lot of these units have trouble straight from manufacturing company /plant. So as consumers of there’s no one helping us and a lot more negative then positive it’s time that we get up off our asses and make it a point to let others know that our money is not getting spent on what qualities that should come along with purchasing air conditioning units like these ones. When we spend money on quality products such as these why should there be problems like this? There shouldn’t be if a company make quality products! Very simple way of thinking! If we don’t expect and require more for our nick then these assholes will continue to rip us off as a whole. Let it be known that these company’s aren’t making quality products and worse not doing much to help the consumer out.

  2. robert princiotta

    bosch minisplit for a few daus the inoor unit will show its set for 79 deg. then show p6 and go back to 79 deg. now p6 all the time no heat

  3. Richard A Schementi

    Have a p6 problem i shut the breaker off and put it on no change my parents misplaced the booklet on it what can i do?

  4. Babinyu

    Can this type of problem showing P6 error cause excessive use of electricity?

  5. Edwin Dean Beal

    My one year old mini split it system is still not working I have talked to blue ridge two different times and I can’t get anybody to he lp me

    1. Pat Howsare

      I had my Cooper Hunter put in in March of 21 and it hasn’t worked right for an entire summer OR winter and now I can’t get ahold of the installer who had been coming back every few months trying this and that. I have a new HVAC company to come this week and try to fix it.


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