How To Fix a Mini Split E1 Error Code

By | June 19, 2022

How To Fix a Mini Split E1 Error Code
If you have a mini split that gives an E1 error code, there are a few things to check before calling an HVAC company.

Several things can cause an E1 error code on a mini split, and of course, the error can be manufacture specific.

The most common fix is to turn the unit off at the breaker for 2-5 minutes, resetting both indoor and outdoor condensers.

There can be a difference in errors depending on a manufacturer and model, so always verify your mini split error code with the manual for the unit.

Steps To Fix a Mini Split E1 Error Code

  1. Power off the Unit
  2. Turn the power off at the breaker for 4-5 minutes, resetting the unit.
  3. Turn the power on and see if the error goes away.

Resetting the whole system is the first step and often solves the problem.

If the error comes back, below are things that can be checked.

Causes of E1 Error Code on a Mini Split

  • Dirty Air Filter
  • Many units will give an E1 code to remind a homeowner to clean the filter.

    The filter is located in the inside unit, usually under the door or on the very top.

    They can be removed and cleaned with water.

    After cleaning the filter, install it back into the unit and reset it again to see if the error code clears.

  • Loose Wiring Connections
  • Sometimes a wire can become loose, causing a bad signal and with the power off checked.

    Both the inside and outdoor unit plugs can be checked to see if any wires have become loose.

    Often a loose connection won’t be visible and need each plug pushed on to check.

  • Communication Problem Between the Indoor and Outdoor Units
  • The inside and outside units have a 4-8 wire communication line that goes between the two units.
    How To Fix a Mini Split E1 Error Code Communication
    The communication line and voltage lines can be checked to be sure they have a good connection.

    Be sure the power is off before opening the panels.

  • Bad PCB Board
  • The PCB boards can also cause an E1 error.
    How To Fix a Mini Split E1 Error Code PCB
    If this is the problem, it is likely time to call an HVAC tech to test it.

4 thoughts on “How To Fix a Mini Split E1 Error Code

  1. Pax

    I have the same issue as above in the heat mode it reads E1 even after I reset it a couple of times. Please advise on how to address this issue.

  2. Brandin Atterberry

    I have an american standard mini split system, failry new, keeps reading e1 error code in heat only mode, and everything else works fine. Already reset it three times and keeps doing it.

    1. Johnny Edward Bates

      Did you ever resolve this mine is doing the same thing?

      1. Chris

        So I have 2 mirage i8 heat pumps. They are on separate double 30 breakers. I keep having them show E1 error code simultaneously. Anyone know what the cause may be?


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