Ductless Heat Pump Cost

By | January 6, 2016

Ductless Heat Pump Cost

Ductless Heat Pump cost depends on the brand bought and the installation cost.

The average cost for an HVAC company to install a unit is $2000-$5000 dollars.

A Do-It-Yourself install can cost less than $1000 dollars.

A ductless heat pump unit itself can range from $800-$5000 dollars.

Hiring an HVAC Installer Company
Hiring someone to install a heat pump will always cost more for obvious reasons. How much it costs depends on the installers and how difficult the installation will be.

The best way to find the best bargain is to call around to at least 2-3 HVAC companies and get a quote.

Some HVAC companies have a salesman on staff that will try and push a sale through, be wary of these companies.

Other HVAC businesses will be more direct; some are family-run small businesses. The only way to find out who is in your area is to call around and get bids for the job.

If you go this route, be sure they are licensed and bonded and give a warranty.

Do-It-Yourself Install
Installing a ductless mini split heat pump is done by home DIY types all the time.

Of course, they will have some knowledge when it comes to construction and wiring.

DIY heat pump kits come with everything needed for a homeowner to set up a unit and save installation costs.

The basic skill required would be drilling a 2-3 inch hole through a wall, wiring up 120/240 to a breaker panel, bending the copper line-set in place, and pumping the unit down into a vacuum.
Ductless Heat Pump Cost Pic2
Ductless Heat Pump Cost of instalation
Mini split heat pump cost

If you have some basic construction and wiring skill a DIY kit is a great way to save on cost.

If you have never worked in construction, wired up a fan light, washing machine dryer, or similar, then it is best to hire an installer company.

For those with a background in home projects, DIY Ductless Heat Pump kits are a great money saver.

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