Where To Buy R22 Refrigerant

By | March 3, 2022

Where To Buy R22 Refrigerant
R22 is being phased out in favor of more environmentally friendly refrigerant types such as R134a. Since 1995 no new R22 refrigerant can be imported or created under the Montreal Protocol.

R22 refrigerant can still be bought since it can be recycled from existing sources.
Where To Buy R22 Refrigerant Online
When an HVAC service technician turns in bottles of old R22 taken from an old system, it is recycled by cleaning and filtering, making them ready for reuse.

Example R22 on eBay
R22 Refrigerant Unused Factory Sealed

Since the R22 supply has been dwindling since 1995, the prices match this and have been going up. The restrictions on R22 don’t mean supplies are going to run out, but the prices will continue to go up.

So Where Do You Buy R22?

R22 can be bought at HVAC supply stores, HVAC service companies, and online.

Personally, I would never buy from an HVAC repair company since they always mark up the prices. HVAC supply companies also mark up prices but less so.

To get the best prices buying online is hands down the best option. To give an example, I live in a rural area where the closest HVAC supply store is 60 miles away. This can be a real pain when you need parts or refrigerant. I can order the refrigerant from an HVAC supplier, which they will deliver, but the cost goes up. If I drive to the supplier, it is $40 dollars a pound, and if it is delivered, it is $60 a pound.

That means a standard 30-pound bottle at my local HVAC supply store costs $1200-$1800.

Of course, to buy R22, an EPA certification card will be needed (or a letter of intent to resale, whatever that means), but this isn’t as hard as it seems. There are four types of certification
Type I, Type II, Type III, and universal. The different levels of certification show what type of HVAC units someone can work on.

Type II, and Type III require a test to be proctored, meaning someone checks your ID, watches you, and makes sure it is you taking the test.

Type I EPA certification does not require a test to be proctored and can be taken online, open book, which will allow anyone to buy refrigerant.

You will technically only be able to work on units that hold up to 5 pounds of refrigerant, but you will be able to buy refrigerant.

You can get certified online for the Type I EPA exam at Mainstream Engineering. After you get certified, you will be able to buy any type of refrigerant.

If in the future you need the type II or type III certification, then be sure to find a Mainstream Engineering testing location, so you don’t have to retake the Type I exam again.

If you only need a few pounds of R22 refrigerant, then having a service tech do it for you will make the most sense, but if you have rentals or multiple homes that use R22, buying your own refrigerant is a great way to save money.

7 thoughts on “Where To Buy R22 Refrigerant

  1. Mike

    Can an epa type 1 permit allow me to purchase r22 and other refrigerants to use in home ac units.

  2. David

    Okay but try charging your unit properly and to the correct specs without the knowledge or tools to do so. Honestly just leave it to the people who know what theyre doing.

    1. Robert Montes

      Why would they not know what they are doing? It’s not rocket science.

  3. Rikk Brummet

    You can only buy a jug if you have type 2 or universal. You can not buy a jug with type 1 or 3

    1. Joel

      That is not correct.
      608 Type 1 can purchase any size and all types refrigerant. I know this to be true because I have 608 type 1 and buy all types freon and various sizes from several national distributors depending on who has best price.
      The wording from epa was confusing about the size of containers. They were attempting to prevent automotive 609 certified techs from being able to purchase drums that 608 stationary techs would use. The wording was cleared up by epa in 2020.

      1. Bubba

        Just got my Type 1 certification from the Mainstream Engineering. According to tests, you can buy up to 20lb of R22 with Type 1. Ebay has many listings for R22 in many sizes.

  4. Walter Olsen

    I need r22 where can I purchase it and is there any Staten island repairman that can provide the service


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