Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 2

By | June 4, 2016

Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 2
After mounting the inside unit on a wall the line-set need to be run to the outside condensing unit.
Getting a good solid level surface is critical with most laying a small cement slab for it to sit on.
Pioneer Mini Split Install Part 2
There are other ways to mount a mini split such as brackets on the side of apartments.
Which ever way it is done simple be sure that the base is solid so the unit doesn’t move or vibrate about.
The line-set will stick out the hole that was cut and come from the inside unit.
How to installl a Pioneer Mini Split Part 2
A condensation line will also need to be run through the hole along with the wiring.
Electrical power will need to be run to the unit.
How to install a Pioneer Mini Split Part 2 Electrical
This mini split was rated for a 20 Amp breaker.

A new electrical box doesn’t have to be installed if you have room in your home breaker panel. The Mini Split should be on its own breaker with nothing else attached. Call an electrician if you are unsure how to wire it.
How to install a Mini Split air conditioner  Part 2 Electrical
After the line-set is run and electrical it will need to be pumped down and put into a vacuum.
How to install a Pioneer Mini Split Air Unit
Any cheap HVAC vacuum pump and gauges will work with many low cost ones available online or hardware stores.
After a unit is put into a vacuum the gauges should be watched for any loss of a vacuum which means there is a leak.
Some people like to use nitrogen to check for leaks but it is just as easy to see if there is a leak when a unit is in a deep vacuum, since the gauges will show a loss of the vacuum.
How ever it is done there basically must be no leaks in the line-set and it must be in a vacuum.
The units all come pre-charged with Nitrogen that can be released once all else is done and double checked.
The above are the basic steps needed to install a Pioneer mini split air conditioning unit.
Every home or office will be different in layout and a plan will be needed for where everything will be located.
The inside unit often dictates were the outside unit will be since it is what will be blowing cold air.
Installing a mini split is easily with-in the realm of a DIY type person with some construction/wiring background.
If in doubt be sure to always call a professional.



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