Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 1

By | May 30, 2016

Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 1
Pioneer makes several different sized Mini Split units with the 9000 BTU (3/4 Ton), 15 SEER Heat Pump Air Conditioner unit one of them.
The 9000 BTU unit is the smallest one with larger units going up-to 24,000 BTU and 240 volts.
The Pioneer mini split air conditioners are popular with Do-It-Yourself type individuals who are handy with small construction jobs and are looking to save money on a install.
It also has good feedback in many forums and other sources giving it many positive reviews.
There are other manufactures so be sure to read the reviews on other units to be sure it is a good fit for you.
Here is the Pioneer 9,000 Mini Split on Amazon
Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set, 12000 BTU 115V

The following is a basic install of the Pioneer unit. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with any mini split package as designs can change.
The Pioneer unit is a full install kit that comes in three boxes, the outside condensing unit, inside evaporator that hangs on a wall, and a box with the line-set which runs between the two.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 1
UnBoxing the packages everything is included except the electrical wiring to the pole which will require to be hooked to a breaker.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v
A 16 foot line-set is included that carries refrigerant to and from the inside and outside units.
The inside part called a evaporator is what will be hung from a wall.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Install Unit
The outside part is called the condenser and should have a hard surface to sit on. Most lay a small cement slab for it.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Install Unit Air Conditioner
A bunch of other components and assessors are included such as drain hoses, filters, and a remote control.
A nice thing about the Pioneer is the wires that go from the inside unit to the outside unit are included which some mini split kits do not include.
The inside evaporator unit needs to be mounted on the wall. This should be thought out for the best spot. Keep in mind the 16 foot line-set needs to reach the outside unit.
The bracket needs to be level and a hole needs to be drilled in the correct spot so the copper line-set and wires can go out to the outside.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Install Unit Drilling Line Set Hole In The Wall
The instructions will show the correct measurements that the hole needs to be drilled at.
While the instructions have the measurements for the location to drill the hole it is a good idea to temporarily mount the inside unit making sure it lines up.
The bracket can be moved if needed as long as it is on solid studs but it is simply easier to be sure the hole is correct before any drilling is done.
The line-set than slides through the hole and the unit placed on its mounting bracket.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioner
Wiring will also run outside through the hole to the outside unit.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioner Wireing
Four wires ran outside with this unit. Be sure to follow the schematic that comes with your unit. The wires are clearly labeled and easy to connect up.
After the wiring and line-set are sticking outside the inside unit can be finished up by making sure it is pressed against the wall good.
How to install  a Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioner Inside Unit



5 thoughts on “Pioneer Mini Split Install 9000 BTU 15 SEER 110v Part 1

  1. Paul Colley

    I began a remodel which has gone far beyond anticipation in timeline. I purchased this exact mini split unit and just set it aside for when we’d need to install it. Turns out the line set was NOT included. You mention 3 boxes (your photo shows 2). I only had 2 boxes with my shipment like your photo. The line set was included on the invoice, the order and the product page form where I bought it. However, it was no where to be found once I opened everything up and since it’s been so long I’m not getting help to get the line set which should have been included.

    Advice? Can’t seem to find a place to just get the needed line-set, etc.

    Thank you

    1. Aaron Benetti

      The Line Set is usually included with any mini split kit but if it is not it can be bought separately. Be sure to look at the documentation for the sizes needed, one line is smaller than the other. Line sets can be bought at local HVAC supply companies or online on Amazon and other sites.

  2. Shanen

    I was thinking of mounting the condenser (outside unit) on an outer wall, instead of a cement slab on the ground. Is it extremely heavy? (The amazon link says it’s 38 or 39 pounds total…which seems impossible…but if so, the cement slab might not be necessary…) What is the weight of the inside piece and the outside piece…and is a cement slab necessary or just a solid foundation (that might be attached to the side of an outside wall)? Thanks!

  3. Boris Romanov

    Generally speaking these two statements from the article (“The inside part called a evaporator…”, ” The outside part is called the condenser…) are incorrect for the universal systems, because in the Heat/Heating mode
    the inside part will be a condenser and outside part will be an evaporator.

    The example of correct statement: universal (cooling and heating) ductless Mini Split systems have three main components: an indoor unit, outdoor unit, and remote controller.


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