Best HVAC Multimeter and Amp Clamp Combo Kits

By | March 25, 2019

Having the right tools in HVAC is a basic requirement to troubleshoot heating and cooling units when they break down.A HVAC multimeter is one of those tools that are needed.
The heating cooling industry deals with a wide variety of voltages and Amps that need exact readings to troubleshoot the problem correctly.
A standard multimeter is fine for simple voltage measurements and reading small Amp loads. But it takes a special meter to read the Amp loads in heating and cooling.
For example when troubleshooting a condensing fan motor problem reading how many amps it is drawing will go a long way to showing the problem.
If the motor is rated at 5 Amps but is drawing 7 Amps you will know there is a problem and the motor will burn up eventually running at the higher amp load.
HVAC multi meters make it easy to read what the amp load is, with what is called amp clamps. These are simply clamps that go around one of the voltage wires running to a motor or other component.
An Amp clamp will automatically show with the component amp load is without having to put the meter in the circuit. This is a quick and easy tool that makes a job much easier.
Meters can be bought by themselves and a amp clamp can be bought later or they can be bought in a kit that contains everything.
Fluke by far sells more Amp clamp meters than anyone else.
Out Picks for Best HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Amp Combo Kits

  1. Fluke 117/323 KIT
  2. Fluke 117/323 KIT Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit


  3. FLUKE-116/323 KIT
  4. Fluke FLUKE-116/323 KIT HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit


  5. Reed Digital
  6. Reed Digital Multimeter and Clamp-Meter Combo Kit


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