Robinair RG3000 Recovery Machine Review

By | November 10, 2014

The Robinair RG3000 is a light weight (18 pounds) portable Refrigerant Recovery machine. It has a oil-less compressor and can recover refrigerant in both the liquid and vapor states. It works with all the refrigerants R-22, R-134a, R-410a.
It has automatic shut offs when a HVAC system reaches 0 psi when recovering. It also has automatic shut off when purging the unit.
This is good small and economical recovery machine, for a busy shop something larger might be recommended.
Robinair RG3 110V AC, 60 Hz Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

I have used this a few times now and it has worked great so far. The compressor, vacuum pump works faster than the units I have used in the past. It is also smaller than I was expecting and lighter but feels well built. This is the most economical recovery machine I found to date, and I will not say it is the best one made but has served me well so far and I believe will continue to do so. I will update the review if it fails or if any other problem comes up with it.

One thought on “Robinair RG3000 Recovery Machine Review

  1. Alex

    Someone said the refrigerant cannot be reused due to it not filtering r-134a. Is this true?


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