Our Picks For R134a Manifold Gauge Sets

By | November 23, 2014

There are many options when it comes to R134a manifold gauges. From the expensive name brand models to the cheap brands.
Which set is right for you depends on the person. For example a part time home DIY type of person will not need a heavy duty expensive brand, while a HVAC technician that works on units daily will.
From a cheap set to just to get by with or use as a backup, to the more expensive digital gauges. Here is a look at our picks for R134a HVAC gauges.
Our Picks For R134a Manifold Gauge Sets

The Mountain 8205 is a good R134a manifold gauge set. This is a gauge that can be used by professional HVAC technicians but is probably more fit for the weekend warrior, or as a backup set.
The gauge set has a 60 inch hoses and a brass manifold gauge. This is a great starter analog gauge set for R134a or as a backup set.

The master cool 89661 Pro is 134a gauges made a HVAC technicians.
They have 72 inch hoses aluminum block, silicon dampening gauges, and manual couplers. They also come with a dedicated case and the gauges can be manually re-calibrated.
This is a gauges may be overkill for the weekend warrior and are more geared towards the professional HVAC service technician. These are a R134a manifold gauge set that will definitely get the job done.
Robinair (48134A) R134 Brass Manifold, Hose Set and Service Couplers
Robinair is one of the top brands in HVAC with many faithful HVAC service techs dedicated to their products.
It comes with hoses 60 inch in length and 90° manual couplers. This is a good HVAC manifold set for someone starting out in refrigeration or for the experience Pro.
Fieldpiece is a known and trusted brand in HVAC, and this applies to the Fieldpiece Digital manifold gauge sets. This digital set is built for the professional and will not only read R134 a but any refrigerant out there.
It also has many built-in features such as the ability to target superheat, sub cooling and much more. With the many features it has it is no doubt built for the serious professional

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