How to Buy a HVAC Refrigerant Scale

By | August 27, 2014

A Refrigerant Scale allows a HVAC technician to measure the amount of refrigerant that is going into a unit accurately by weight.

A scale is used by setting a refrigerant tank on top of it and by weight tell how much refrigerant is in a tank. Some scales are setup so a tank can hang from it rather sit on top of it.

Most refrigerant scales are digital and will measure the progress as the refrigerant leaves the tank and goes into a unit. This gives a technician the information needed to accurately fill a unit and to charge the customer.

Electronic programmable scales can be programmed for the amount of refrigerant a system needs and will automatically turn off when it reaches the set point.

When buying a scale look for sturdiness of the case since it will have to handle some abuse and ideally it will be used for years. Also although more of a personal option buy a scale were the tank sits on top of it rather than hangs, often there will be nothing to hang it from when in the field.
Our Picks For Refrigerant Scales

The Mastercool 98210-A is a classic electronic refrigerant design that most any tech has seen at some point.

Robinair is a well known brand in HVAC. They have many popular HVAC equipment which are known for their toughness and company warranties.

Fieldpiece is another well known name in HVAC.


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