Where to Buy Refrigerant For a Car or Truck: R134a R12

By | June 1, 2015

Refrigerant can be bought in small bottles called recharging kits at Auto Part stores and online, such as this kit on Amazon.
There are different types of refrigerant used such a R-134a which is used on newer cars and R-12 which was used in a 80s and 90s.
If your car or truck was made after 1994 than it likely uses R134a.
Before 1994 R-12 was the main Refrigerant used in cars and trucks.
If your car uses R-12 than it can still be bought although harder to find. There are duplicate R-12 refrigerants that can be mixed with a existing R-12 system such as this kit.
<   Most shops recommend upgrading a R-12 system to the new R-134a which is a costly upgrade.   To find out the type of Refrigerant your car uses look under the hood for a label or simply Google your make and model for the Refrigerant type used.   The Refrigerant cans that come with a recharging kit will have a gauge built into it that shows the pressure of the system. Where to Buy R134a Freon For a Car or Truck
The cans will have a easy-connect that goes to the low pressure Refrigerant connector of the car.
Where to Buy Freon For a Car or Truck R134a R12 Refrigerant
Where to Buy r12 Freon For a Car or Truck
Take car when handling Refrigerant
Remember Refrigerant refrigerant is a contaminant and can be harmful.
Never smoke around Refrigerant as it can turn deadly when it burns and enters the lungs.
A bursts of Refrigerant will freeze anything close including body parts possibly causing frostbite.
Always wear goggles as a safety pre-caution.
If in doubt take it to a shop.

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