Our Picks For Top Infrared Laser Temperature Guns

By | January 15, 2015

What is a Laser Temperature Gun?
Laser guns work by sensing the heat given off in the inferred spectrum. As humans we can only visibly see a small part the inferred spectrum; although we can feel it in the form of heat such as a hot cup of coffee.
Inferred guns use a lens that can see the inferred spectrum and measure the energy it gives off. Most use what is called a thermopile to do this. A thermopile can absorb infrared radiation and then turns it into heat which in turn can be measured and be turned into a electrical signal.
How to buy a Infrared Laser Temperature Gun
When shopping for a temperature gun one of the most important things to look at is the Distance Spot Ratio called the D/S Ratio.
The D/S ratio will show at what distance a temperature gun will work and how large a spot it will read.
For example a temperature gun with a D/S Ratio of 8:1 means when the guns is 8 inches from a target it will read a spot one inch wide. This also will show the maximum distance a infrared gun can read at which is done by multiplying by 2. So a temperature gun with a 8:1 specification will be able to read up to 16 inches from a target.
Temperature range
Be sure to check the temperature guns range and that it will fit your needs. One infrared gun may go up to 600 degrees while the next 400 degrees. Simply be sure it is in the range of the reading you will be taking.
Checking the accuracy will also be important and will vary. One may read + or – 5 percent in a certain temperature range and different at another range.
Here is our list for infrared laser temperature guns

Nubee Temperature Gun Non-contact Digital Laser Infrared IR Thermometer

This is a temperature gun on the lower end and meant for a at home user, and for the home user this can make a great temperature reader especially for the price. The distance spot ratio is 12:1 so you will be able to read a on inch spot from 12 inches away or a one foot spot from 12 feet away. Great for barbecuing, seeing heat loss from a home, or simply measuring the temperature of a spa this would be a good temperature reader for the average home user.
A professional user may want to look for something better or use this as a backup.
HDE Non-Contact Infrared IR Temperature Gun Digital Thermometer

Nubee Dual Laser Optical Focus Temperature Gun Non Contact Infrared IR Thermometer Range -58 to 1076°F, 16:1 D:S, Instant-read, FDA/FCC/CE/ROHS

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