Reviews: Mini Split Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems 2017

By | June 2, 2015

Reviews Mini Split Heating and Cooling Air Conditioner Heat Pump Systems 2015

Mini split air conditioners have many positives about them compared to traditional large cooling systems.
Mini Split System VS Window Units VS Traditional Heating and Cooling Systems
Many people view mini splits as being close to a window mounted unit, but they are closer to a standard home large system then a window unit.
A window or wall mounted air conditioner has all the components packaged in the unit together.
This limits the size a window unit can be and produces much more noise than a mini split. Mainly since window units have the noisy compressor in the unit itself.
Mini split units can be heat pumps which can heat a home as well as cool. Most all window units only cool.
Window units definitely have their place and are cheaper but shouldn’t be compared to a mini split.
A mini split is much closer to traditional cooling systems and are basically smaller versions of those units.
Pros of Mini Split Systems
The top positive of a mini split is they are cheaper to buy and much cheaper to run than a standard 2-5 ton home systems.
They are also much easier to install, having to only run a small line set into a home allowing refrigerant to flow in and out taking the heat with it. Which a fan than blows out cold or hot air.
Mini splits are ideal for a space that needs to be cooled but doesn’t have a lot of walls.
Since there are no ducts moving air through walls like a traditional system they are used a lot in hotel/motels, salons, or any open space.
Cons of a Mini Split System
The main disadvantage of a mini split is that it doesn’t move air though a home.
A large 2-3 bedroom home would need a traditional HVAC system to cool an entire house.
Our Picks for Best Mini Split Heating and Cooling Systems 2017
Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter+ Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Full Set, 12000 BTU 115V

The Pioneer Ductless mini split system has different size packages 9.000 BTU 110 Volts, 12,000 BTU 110 Volts, 12,000 BTU 220 volts, and 24,000 BTU 220 Volts. All of which are 15 SEER units.
The kit comes with everything needed including the line set, condensing unit, and inside blower unit. (A electrical breaker box will be needed)
This is a mini split kit that is popular with many DIY (Do-it-Yourself) individuals.
Klimaire KSIF012-H115-S 12,000 BTU 16 Seer Ductless Mini-Split Inverter Air Conditioner Heat Pump System with 15′. Installation Kit (115V), , 12,000 BTU – 115 V

This Klimaire unit is a 15 SEER 12,000 BTU 115 Volt system. This is also a popular DIY unit that comes with a quick installation kit.
18,000 Btu Klimaire 15 SEER Ductless Mini Split – DC Inverter Air Conditioner & Heat Pump System – 220 Volt with Free 16 Feet Quick Installation Kit

15 SEER, 18,000, 220 volt mini split kit.
Another good mini split kit for a DIY person. Comes with all the part needed to get up and running.

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