Replacing a Condensing Fan Motor On a Heat Pump

By | November 9, 2014

HVAC is a dreaded household repair that we always know will most likely cost $$$. I feel for anyone who has had to pay some exorbitant cost to fix your HVAC unit. But there is some “Do it your self repairs” as I found out lately. I have a heat pump that is about five years old that would work at first blowing cold air then it would stop and blow only room temperature air.
After looking at the unit I found that the condenser fan motor was not spinning causing the unit not to work properly. The condenser fan motor pushes heat away from the unit much like a radiator on a car. During the winter this is reversed and cold air is pushed away from the unit.
After finding out the problem I dived in and replaced the condenser fan motor myself, saving a lot of $$$ in the process. There is some things to know about a HVAC unit before replacing a motor but it is within the do-it-your-self realm. Here is the book I read on how to replace the motor “Step by Step How to replace a condenser fan motor on a HVAC refrigeration unit, heat pump, air conditioner”.
After getting the motor it took me about six hours of time which I could have done a lot faster but was double checking every thing and wanted to be sure it was done right.

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  1. Linda Musselman

    Generally, what does a condenser motor for a heat pump cost?


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