Replacing a Relay Contactor on a Heat Pump

The contactor / relay in a heat pump controls the power coming into a unit. The main power is plugged onto one side from a breaker or disconnect, and the units blower motor, compressor, control board and everything else plug into the other side.   When 24 volts is sent to the contactor a coil… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Heaters for a Greenhouse

The best heater for a greenhouse will vary from unit-to-unit as to climate, cost, and how well the greenhouse is built.   In my opinion a gas or electric heater is the best to use, but for another a wood burner may be a better option. I live in the desert with no ready supply… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Heater for a RV

Heating a RV very much depends on the source of power you have available.   For example a RV hooked up to a good electric source can easily use electric heating units. Of course while camping away from a good electric power source propane likely is a better option.   Each have their pros and… Read More »

Our Picks for Best Furnace Filters for Allergies

This year has been a bad year for allergies at least for me. Locally were I live the dust and pollen’s in the air seem to be worse than usual making me sneeze constantly and a nose that wont stop running.   Beside allergy medication there is not much I can do about it at… Read More »

What is the Best Way to Heat an Uninsulated Garage?

Heating a garage with no insulation may be more of a challenge than one that is but is done every year by many.   Every garage will be different with some having the roof insulated but not the walls, while others none at all   With the many options to choose from here are some… Read More »

What is the Best Ways To Heat a Garage?

Garages are often the last place heat is added in a home but can become necessary to have a comfortable work area.   Often it depends on the climate of were you live that will dictate the best way to heat a open space such as a garage. What works in Arizona likley wont work… Read More »

Furnace Filters Reviews: Best to Worst

Replacing a furnace filter is often not on the top of the to-do-list.   It can be overlooked until the furnace is not working properly or the air becomes less clean.   People with allergies are often the first to notice when a furnace filter has become dirty and needs replaced.   And just as… Read More »