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Here is how to repair furnaces for the at home diy do-it-yourself type person or a beginning HVAC heating and cooling student. Furnaces heat are homes during the winter and any problem with the furnace can cost money and problems. We are here to help with any furnace problems you may face.

Troubleshooting A Furnace Pilot Light Problem

    Furnace Pilot Light Troubleshooting Steps   1) Make sure your thermostat is set to ‘heat’ and turned to above room temperature.   2)If the pilot light is not lit follow these steps a…. Be sure gas to furnace is on. b…. Turn knob on gas valve to pilot. c…. Press knob down and… Read More »

Buying And Replacing A Furnace Capacitor

  Purchasing a furnace capacitor and installing it is easy to do and fully falls into the do-it-yourself category. Basic precautions need to be taken, mainly turning the power off to the furnace as not to get shocked.   Furnaces can fall into three categories when it comes to capacitors. 1…Not have a capacitor at… Read More »

How A Furnace Works

What type of system do you have? Chances are you have heard the term forced air heating, but what is forced air heating? Forced air heating is nothing more than when air is heated and distributed through a home using air. The air can be heated by a gas furnace, an electric furnace, or a… Read More »

Test and Replace the Fan Limit Switch on a Furnace

What is a Fan Limit Switch? A furnace has two switches called a fan limit switch and a high limit switch, these switches can be separate or in one package called a combination switch.   High limit switch A high limit control switch will turn off the gas to a furnace if the temperature becomes… Read More »

How Does a Furnace Gas Draft Inducer Work?

A Draft Inducer pulls gasses from a furnace and pushes them out the vent pipe. A inducer should start up before the furnace turns on and pull any gasses that may have been left when last run.   When a inducer doesn’t work often the motor has gone bad and needs to be replaced. The… Read More »

How To Replace and Install a New Gas Furnace

  Installing a new furnace is a great way to save money for a do-it-yourself type of person. Some HVAC / construction skills will be needed. But if you feel comfortable connecting a gas line, hooking up a vent , can use tin snips and a hammer then you will have minimal if any problems.… Read More »

How To Do It Yourself Gas Furnace Replacement (DIY)

  If your old furnace has had its best days behind it and you need a new one installed and replaced, then installing it your self is always a possibility. This will depend on your abilities and HVAC/construction skills. The main issue will be safety for not only installing a furnace but mainly when dealing… Read More »