Our Picks for Best Smart WiFi Window Air Conditioners

By | May 11, 2018

Best Smart WiFi Window Air Conditioners
Window air conditioners are very popular since they are easy to setup and start cooling a room quickly.
There are many available from units that have manual controls to new Smart WiFi units.
Smart Window air conditioners have started to be introduced including WiFi and Voice Controlled with Alexa.
While there is is not a huge amount of smart models there are some available.
Most all Smart Window A/C units will be controlled with an App and will usually be Android and Apple iOS compatible.
Be sure to read the specification on a unit to see its compatibility.
Our Picks for Best Smart WiFi Window Air Conditioners
Frigidaire Smart Window Air Conditioner, Wi-FI, 8000 BTU, 115V, Compatible with Alexa

Frigidaire has introduced a few Smart Window A/C units including this unit with built-in WiFi and Alexa controls.
It is a 8,000 BTU 115 Volt unit rated to cool a space up-to 350 square feet.
Best Smart WiFi Window Air Conditioner
The design is new and fresh compared to the old classical box models.
An App is used to control the unit and has a lot of control features.
Our Picks for Best Smart WiFi Window Air Conditioners App
The setup is easy by pressing a WiFi button on the case and and connecting to it with a smartphone.
Frigidaire 12000 Cool Connect Smart Window Air Conditioner with Wifi Control, 12,000 BTU

Frigidaire also makes larger units that cool a bigger space.
It also has WiFi built-in and are controlled from the Frigidaire App.
Frigidaire has a few different sized models to fit most any scenario.
LG LW1217ERSM Energy Star 12,000 BTU 115V Window Mounted Air Conditioner with Wi-Fi Control

LG is another top A/C manufacture including the LW1217ERSM WiFi unit.
It is a 12,000 BTU 115V Volt unit with 3 cooling speeds.
An App is used to control it that is both Apple iOS and Android compatible.
Kenmore Smart 04277087 Room Air Conditioner Works with Amazon Alexa, 8,000 BTU, White

Kenmore makes the 04277087 that is also a Smart A/C Window air conditioner that has built-in WiFi and works with Alexa.
It has a 8,000 BTU capacity that is rated to cool a space 300-500 square feet.
Controlling a Window Air Conditioner over WiFi is easy to do with the right unit.
Most all will work with Android or Apple devices, be sure to check the features.
Often this includes voice controls with virtual assistants such as Alexa and from a smartphone App.
Many apps can even control a unit when away from home turning it on or off as needed.
Even though the unit have wireless built-in they will also have manual controls on the case and most often a remote.
Also be sure of the measurement needed to be sure a unit will fit correctly.

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