The Top Quiet Window Mounted Air Conditioner Reviews 2017

By | February 9, 2017

The Top Quiet Window Mounted Air Conditioner Reviews 2017
Finding a quiet window mounted air conditioner can be a challenge. Mainly since the noisy components, the compressor and fan, are located directly inside the packaged unit.
Since the compressor is located in the unit and not outside away from the home some degree of noise will always be present.
With that said there are some window air conditioners that have less noisy compressors than others.
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The best way to judge how noisy a window air conditioners will be is to read real reviews from real people online.
Keep in mind to get a truly quiet unit there are other ways that are affordable such as mini split systems which separate the compressor outside and then feed lines into a home that circulates refrigerant to a blower motor. Split systems require more effort and skill to set up but are not as expensive as traditional central air conditioning systems used in homes.
Here are the top 5 units we found that make the least amount of noise with links to Amazon to read the reviews yourself.
Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner with LED Remote Control

Haier is known for making quiet heating and cooling units.
This unit is a 6050 BTU, 115 Volt unit and uses what is called Cross Flow technology to keep the fan noise level down.
The Haier company also wraps the compressor in a noise suppressant blanket that quiets it down.
The compressor on any HVAC unit often makes the most noise and can be heard kicking on and off as it cycles. Having this component wrapped goes a long way in making a unit run quieter.
The cross flow fan technology also makes the fan run smother and make less noise than conventional fans.
A window unit will always make some noise but this may be the quietest unit available currently.
Sharp Electronics AFS80RX Energy Star 8,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Rest Easy Remote Control

Sharp also makes many good units including the model AFS80RX.
It comes with a nice remote control that makes it easy to change the setting from a distance.
The unit has 3 cooling speeds, 3 fan speeds, auto-cool, energy saver mode and programmable 24-hour on/off timer.
It also uses the newer R410A refrigerant combined with the many settings is one of the more efficient window A/C units.
The 8,000 BTU unit is rated to cool a space from 235 to 415 square feet depending how hot it is, and how well insulated the room is.
The fan is a cylinder fan that helps with noise levels.
When set to high cooling it does make noise and works best at lower settings for a more quieter unit.
Frigidaire FRA256SV2 25,000 BTU Window-Mounted Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner with Temperature Sensing Remote (230 volts)

The Frigidaire FRA256SV2 is a quiet A/C unit. One of the reasons why is its a 220 Volt unit which allows the compressor to run more efficiently.
220 Volts is not common in every room and are mainly used for a electric dryers and electric water heaters. Running a 220 Volt outlet to a room is not difficult but if this is a problem than it will be better to look at other units that use the standard 120 Volts.
Keystone KSTAW05B Energy Star 5,000 BTU Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with “Follow Me” LCD Remote Control, 115-volt

The Keystone Window Air Conditioner unit is a 5000 BTU, 115 Volt unit. It has a three speed fan which can be turned to low for the quietest setting.
It has a rated indoor noise Level of High at 55 dBA, Medium 52 dBA, and Low at 49 dBA.
One of the reasons it is quieter is its a smaller unit able to cool a space up-to 150 square feet.
The small size and package gives it a lower cost but also less cooling power that may be needed in a large room.
While this A/C unit may not be the quietest on the list it is a popular window A/C package that makes less noise than many others.
LG Electronics LW8014ER Energy Star 115-volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner with Remote Control, 8000 BTU

This is a 8,000 BTU, 115 Volt system. While not the quietest when comparing price vs. overall build then it may be the best option for a budget minded person looking for a good unit.
Window A/C units are not usually built to be the quietest since they are budget oriented equipment meant to fill a gap in a cooling system.
Doing basic maintenance on a unit can go a long way in helping it stay running the best it possibly can.
Basic care can also improve the life span of a unit which normally is up-to five years.
The Top Quiet Window Mounted Air Conditioner Reviews 2016
Things such as cleaning the air filter and keeping the outside air fins clean of debris can also make a unit run more smoother.
How well a unit is installed can also make a impact on noise level. Read here for some tips on how to help quiet down a noisy window air conditioning unit.
As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere to be sure a unit is a good fit for you.

6 thoughts on “The Top Quiet Window Mounted Air Conditioner Reviews 2017

  1. Bobbe

    After reading numerous reviews I decided on the Haier ESAQ408P Serenity Series an haven’t been disappointed. I saw a episode on PBS this Old House about the units and made the dive. The picture they have in their ad with the baby sleeping next to the AC unit is a bit exaggerated but it is the quietest unit I have ever used. If you need a quiet window air conditioning unit than do yourself a favor and get a Haier. LG also makes reasonable low noise units which I use in other rooms, for the main living area though I use a Haier, best decision I ever made.

  2. LivingHigh

    The way a unit is mounted and installed can make a big deference in noise levels. Be sure the package is level and has sturdy mounting brackets. Also cheap foam insulation on the side and top of the unit can do wonders.

  3. Martin Dennis

    I have a question. Is it better to get an oversized unit that can keep up with demand on low or to get a smaller unit that would need to be ran on high more of the time. Specifically in regards to noise level.

  4. Peter

    I have the LG 8,000 BTUs you mention- it’s loud. Bought a Friedrich’s 14,000 and it is significantly quieter. I always stay away from Frigidaire.

  5. dennis

    can’t find the keystone 5000 btu unit anywhere-all of the big online places are out of them-Amazon’s price was ridiculous. Are you aware of any retail online companies that have this model? Apparently their new model (C) -the older ones were A & B- will be available in March. How will i know if the upgrade is just as quiet?

  6. Jamie

    I bought and installed a Haier Serenity ESAQ406P 6050 BTU and it is really quiet compared to my old Koldfront unit even on high. My only complaint would be it sticks out into the room more, about 5 inches. Otherwise great unit.


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