Installing a Small Air Conditioner for a Room with No Window

By | April 27, 2016

Small Air Conditioners for Rooms with No Window

There are times that a room or small space needs to be cooled and there is no windows to install window mounted unit.
When this happens there are a few options depending on your budget and HVAC skill set.
Lets take a look at a few options for how to cool a room that has no windows.
Cut Out a Hole (Not recommended)
Small Air Conditioners for Rooms with No Window 2016
A hole can be cut out and a window mounted A/C unit installed.

This is not professional and often makes a home look a bit shanty but does work.
Air Conditioners for Rooms with No Window
A professional HVAC person would install a Mini Split system (see next option on list) and not bother with a window type unit.
It still is quite common as it is straight to the point that most anyone can understand.
I cant suggest anyone do this but we all have been short on money and what doesn’t work for one person may work for another.
Mini Split Systems
Small Air Conditioner for Rooms with No Window Mini Split
For a professional install of a HVAC system into a windowless room a Mini Split system is the best option.
They do require more knowledge to install than a package window unit but are much more efficient, quit, and long term HVAC solution.
They are called mini splits since the two main components of the system the evaporator coil and condenser are separated.
A copper line-set is run between the two components taking heat with it.
Most mini split units are also heat pumps so they will both cool in the summer and heat in the winter.
While it is suggested that a professional be hired to install a mini split there are DIY kits that are sold that allows anyone to install a unit.
Read here for more on a Do-It-Yourself Mini Split install.

Portable Units
Portable cooling units are also a option.
There are two types of portable unit evaportative and standard air conditioning
Evaportative type units work good when there is no humidity. They also dont need a opening to the outside making them ideal in dry climates.
Air conditioner portable units require a vent hose be fed outside to pump out hot air.
Both type types of units have there advantages and disadvantages depending on the scenario.
Read Here for a Full Review on Portable Units for Rooms with No Windows.
There are several different methods for cooling a room with no windows.
The best option is to install a Mini Split unit which is the way a professional HVAC person will suggest it be done.
Portable units are also a option although unless you live in a dry climate a hose attachment will still need to be run outside.
With the many different methods and styles of A/C units there is no doubt at least one way that will fit your budget and keep a room cool.
Since there are so many variables to take into consideration often the best solutions can be found reading reviews on Amazon or in the forums to see what others have done and how it worked for them.



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